June 25, 2003


Namibian Agriculture Ministry to Purchase Water$avr

SACRAMENTO CA, JUNE 25th, 2003 Flexible Solutions is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Namibia has agreed to purchase a significant amount of Water$avr from our wholly owned subsidiary, Water$avr Global Solutions Inc. The initial order will be applied to a 1500 hectare reservoir in Namibia over the next few months to show the effectiveness of Water$avr as a method of providing more water by reducing evaporation. Flexible Solutions is also excited to be showing the Government of Namibia how economically effective the product can be.

Dan O’Brien, CEO of Flexible Solutions explains, “It is vitally important to provide more fresh water to the agricultural industry of Namibia. However, if the cost is too high, the solution is not useful. Flexible Solutions welcomes this opportunity to work hand in hand with the expert agriculturalists of Namibia to quantify the purchase price of new water resources by using Water$avr. In past trials, we have shown that new water (through evaporation reduction) can be bought with Water$avr for $.06 per cubic meter ($80/acre foot) or less. Even with application and transportation costs, similar results should be possible in Namibia.”

Patrick Grant, President of the Water$avr subsidiary states, “Namibia is a country the size of California with 10 months of little or no rain each year and a grave need for more water. We believe that this purchase could lead to much larger sales in the future and a higher quality of life for Namibian farmers.”

About Flexible Solutions International

Flexible Solutions International, Inc. (www.flexiblesolutions.com), the developer and manufacturer of the world’s first commercially viable water evaporation retardant, is an environmental technology company specializing in energy and water conservation products for drinking water, agriculture, industrial markets and swimming pools throughout the world. Water$avr reduces evaporation by up to 30% on reservoirs, lakes, aqueducts, irrigation canals, ponds and slow moving rivers. Water$avr, which is patented, has been certified by the United Nations, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and meets the drinking water standards of the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). Heat$avr, a “liquid blanket” evaporation retardant for the commercial swimming pool and spa markets, also reduces humidity and lowers water heating costs, resulting in energy savings of 15% to 40%. The Company’s Tropical FishT product targets the residential swimming pool market.

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