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The NanoChem division makes and sells biodegradable polymers that are used to reduce scale in oil and gas operations, increase yield in agriculture and reduce the ecological footprint in cleaning and water treatment.


Save up to 35% of your surface water from evaporation.

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Heatsavr original liquid pool cover


Welcome to Flexible Solutions International

We are an environmental technology company involved in research, development and manufacturing of products that increase crop yield, improve oil and gas operations, reduce the environmental footprint in cleaning and water treatment, save water and save energy.

Various scientific trials done by water authorities in Australia, Singapore, Turkey and USA using WaterSavr™ led to evaporation saving between 30% to 35% of water loss from open water storage and transport systems.

Furthermore, modifications of the same technology allow our swimming pool products to save up to 45% of a pool's energy use in addition to the water savings. In 2004 we bought the assets of Donlar Corp, formed NanoChem Solutions and rapidly built our new products to more than 90% of total sales.

All of our products are safe, organic and biodegrade quickly into harmless byproducts. We at Flexible Solutions are proud to contribute positively to the planet with our focus on conservation and the environment, concurrent with running a successful, growing business.


—Dan O'Brien, CEO



30 March 20 FSI Announces Full Year 2019 Financial Results
19 March 20 FSI Announces The Company Has Decided to Suspend the Dividend Until Further Notice
30 Jan.20 FSI Announces Fourth Quarter, 2019 Revenue


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Conference Call Speech March 31, 2020

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