July 16, 2003




Flexible Solutions Announces Successful Testing of Mosquito Control Application of Water$avr Evaporation Control Retardant

New Product May be Future Weapon Against West Nile Virus

VICTORIA, BC– July 16, 2003 — FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL INC. (AMEX:FSI), (FRANKFURT: FXT) today announced that in house experiments have determined that Water$avr can be modified to safely disperse an effective, environmentally friendly, mosquito control application without reducing the product’s evaporation control and self-spreading properties.

The new product under development could be widely effective reducing mosquito borne diseases including West Nile Virus, Equine Encephalitis, Malaria, Dengue Fever, among others, the Company reported. The research focuses on developing modified versions of the Company’s Water$avr evaporation control products that contain the most effective and least environmentally detrimental mosquito control tools.

These studies were conducted using BTI (Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis), a naturally occurring microorganism commonly used to control mosquito larvae.

“We are pleased with this early success in the Company’s ongoing research and development program and will now increase internal efforts and designate extra funding, as well as beginning a concurrent program of arms length verification of our results,” stated Flexible Solutions President and Chief Executive Officer Daniel B. O’Brien. “Water$avr, the flagship product of Flexible Solutions, is not only an effective method of reducing fresh water loss due to evaporation from reservoirs, lakes and irrigated cropland, but it is also a simple, inexpensive spreading mechanism that can deliver mosquito control materials evenly over an entire water surface, according to our current data. We will now move forward toward the goals of developing the best and safest version of mosquito control modified Water$avr and making it commercially available to help combat mosquito borne diseases around the world.”

Mr. O’Brien noted that the research indicates that FSI’s solution offers an improvement over existing spreading techniques and maintains the active ingredients on or near the surface of the water for longer periods of time thereby enhancing the effectiveness of lower doses. Water$avr retains these chemicals on the surface and destroys mosquito larvae when they come up to breathe.

The series of experiments showed that under laboratory conditions water surfaces treated with the Company’s patent-pending formula kill 100% of early stage mosquito larvae, preventing adult mosquito hatchings and presumably interrupting the vector by which disease is spread. FSI is using anti-mosquito agents that have decades of use and research, are approved for use throughout most of the world and which target only the larval stage of mosquitoes while having minimal effect in the general ecosystem. Another objective is to provide a new product that will combine the best properties of all ingredients.

About Flexible Solutions International

Flexible Solutions International, Inc. (www.flexiblesolutions.com), based in Victoria, British Columbia, is the developer and manufacturer of Water$avr, the world’s first commercially viable water evaporation retardant. It’s Water$avr division is based in Yorkville, Ill. FSI is an environmental technology company specializing in energy and water conservation products for drinking water, agriculture, industrial markets and swimming pools throughout the world.

Water$avr reduces evaporation by up to 30% on reservoirs, lakes, aqueducts, irrigation canals, ponds and slow moving rivers. Water$avr, which is patented, has been certified by the United Nations, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and meets the drinking water standards of the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). Heat$avr, a “liquid blanket” evaporation retardant for the commercial swimming pool and spa markets, also reduces humidity and lowers water heating costs, resulting in energy savings of 15% to 40%. The Company’s Tropical Fish(tm) product targets the residential swimming pool market.

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