NEWS RELEASE: March 28th 2001




FXSO Announces Participation in “Corporate Tour 1000” Campaign

Victoria, British Columbia, Mar. 28th, 2001 (Business Wire) – Flexible Solutions International, Inc. (OTCBB: FXSO) today announced its participation in the “Corporate Tour 1000” campaign.  This “Corporate Tour” video will allow Flexible Solutions to show individual investors, as well as institutional investors, the companies facilities, management and company operations via the web site in streaming media format.  The video tour is available for viewing immediately at

Dan O’Brien, President of Flexible Solutions, states: We are very pleased to allow Knobias to video document our company’s operations. The video gives current and prospective shareholders a unique opportunity to visit our facilities and meet our team without leaving their home. Investors will be much more comfortable to know that real people are producing real products. We have worked very hard and it is good to be recognized for our achievements.

“ is pleased to have Flexible Solutions as a participant in the “Corporate Tour 1000” campaign”, stated Greg Ballard, Knobias COO.  “I feel companies are beginning to realize the value of “third party”, unbiased exposure to the investing community., originally launched as and relaunched as on February 16, 2001, will facilitate the distribution of this content to the commercial markets.  We have had tremendous interest from the institutional market for our data”.


Flexible Solutions develops new environmental technologies in the field of water and energy conservation, more specifically, molecular surface chemistry. The Company is preparing to release its two new evaporation-suppressing products in the area of water conservation for drinking water reservoirs and water conservation for agricultural purposes. The evaporation suppressing technology will save up to 45% of the water on lake surfaces, reservoirs, or canals normally lost to evaporation. The agricultural applications have been shown to yield similar results. The Company currently attributes its 100% annual earnings growth to its energy conservation products “Heat$avr” and Tropical Fish  which are derivatives of the evaporation-suppressing technology. For more information about Flexible Solutions please visit our web site at, Call David Katzov or Grant Moonie in our corporate communications dept. at 250 477 9821 or simply check us out at

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