Feb. 25, 2002


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Flexible Solutions begins trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Flexible Solutions is pleased to announce that the Company is now interlisted on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “FXT“.

Mr. Dan O’Brien, CEO comments, “Flexible Solutions has always had a global outlook because our products have global applications. Joining the Frankfurt exchange will allow European investors to follow our progress and trade the Company’s shares in a forum more familiar than the OTC BB and shows Flexible Solutions’ commitment to entering the European market. We also expect that our environmental orientation will be attractive to the green philosophies of Europeans.”

We would like to thank our sponsor, Kling Jelko Wertpapierhandelbank, AG (KJD) and Mr. M. Alexander Wurm of Euromerica Capital Group Inc. for their help in qualifying for listing and their consistent high level of advice during the process. The Company has asked Mr. Wurm to join our board of advisors. He has a degree in International Business from Eramus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands, and has worked in finance and management consulting for many years. Mr. Wurm has developed his own consulting business in Vancouver Canada and Frankfurt, Germany to help companies expand in both countries. In 2001 he was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in British Columbia.

Flexible Solutions is an environmental biotechnology company active in energy and water conservation products. Our patented and patent-pending products are effective and biodegradable. The Company has had growing profits for the last three years.

For saving energy and water in swimming pools we manufacture liquid solar blankets called “Tropical Fish” for residential pools and “Heat$avr” for commercial installations. Tropical Fish is distributed exclusively through Sunsolar Energy Technologies of Montreal. .

Our newest product is Water$avr, a biodegradable powder that lowers evaporation from open water, canals and irrigated cropland. It can reduce water loss to the air by up to 45% at a cost as low as .04 euros per cubic meter of water saved. Water$avr has the potential to increase the fresh water available to people all over the world at a fraction of the cost of desalination or other new water sources. The world market potential for Water$avr has been estimated at 5-8 billion euros per year.

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