Jan. 22nd 2002


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Flexible Solutions awarded $1 Million order from India

Flexible Solutions is pleased to announce receipt of a minimum US$1 million dollar order for our WATER$AVR evaporation control product from a multinational company in India. The product will be used on water reservoirs and flood irrigated crops over the next 24 months.

Patrick Grant, President of the WATER$AVR division, says “WATER$AVR, with its unique spreading technology, helps reduce evaporation and increase local water supply by up to 40% at a cost as low as $.03 per cubic meter of water saved. Our vision is to strategically leverage the WATER$AVR technology with international water companies, who are positioned through their existing channels, to distribute WATER$AVR in all countries with water management concerns.

Mr. Grant continues, “ We are negotiating towards distribution agreements in many other areas of the world and hope that this success in India will accelerate other contracts. The Company would like to thank Dr. Milind Lele, of our Board of Advisors, who was instrumental in brokering the Indian relationship.”

Flexible Solutions is an environmental biotechnology company with patented products that reduce energy and water loss from swimming pools (HEAT$AVR) and evaporative water losses from open water storage and transport (WATER$AVR). Agricultural WATER$AVR also works to reduce water loss from irrigated cropland.

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