July 31st, 2001


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Flexible Solutions receives notice of allowance from US Patent

Office for water conservation powder

Flexible Solutions is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has given notice of allowance for our evaporation control powder which we market under the name WATER$AVR. A “notice of allowance” letter is the last step prior to patent issuance and indicates that the Patent Office has no further objections.

Mr. Dan O’Brien, CEO, states, “This is a huge step forward for FXSO. We are now able to be much more open about our technology with prospective customers and partners without risking duplication of our technology.  WATER$AVR is now ready for commercial production and sales.  Flexible Solutions is confident that our unique method of water conservation through evaporation control, will be protected by a US patent within months.”

WATER$AVR is used on open water, soil, crops, and grass to reduce the loss of water due to evaporation. It is an inexpensive way to conserve water for other uses.

Flexible Solutions is an environmental biotechnology company doing research and manufacturing of products intended for energy and evaporation reduction.

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