Jan 3rd 2002


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Flexible Solutions Announces a 42% Savings In Chinese

Government Test of WATER$AVR

Flexible Solutions, at the invitation and expense of The Peoples Republic of China, conducted tests of WATER$AVR’s evaporation reduction capabilities at the National Engineering Research Center for Water Saving and Irrigation (Yangling, Shaanxi Province).

WATER$AVR reduced evaporation of water from an open body of water by 42% compared to a non-treated control body. The tests were designed to simulate climactic conditions of 90 inches of evaporative loss every 6 months and were completed on Dec 17th 2001.  Professor Wang Youke, Director of the Cinese research center and Mr. Patrick Grant, President of the Water$avr Division of Flexible Solutions, certified the results.

Patrick Grant speaks of the global impact which Water$avr can have in increasing available water and states that, “While the results of this test were at the high end of our expectations, this government sanctioned test shows that our product can save up to 3 ft of evaporation in a climate that loses 8 ft of water in six months.”

“The Chinese market will take time to penetrate and this is an important step, beginning a process which could result in a significant opportunity for WATER$AVR. In addition, the Chinese water saving research center has widespread credibility in many countries of the world and we expect this endorsement of WATER$AVR will enhance our sales efforts worldwide.”

The National Engineering Research Center in Yangling is the primary research center for water saving and irrigation for all of China. They study, test and recommend new technologies and products intended to increase soil and water conservation. It is funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and associated with the Chinese Academy of Science.

Flexible Solutions is an environmental biotechnology company engaged in developing and marketing energy and water conservation products globally.

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