May 30th, 2002


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First Container of Water$avr Headed for India

Flexible Solutions is pleased to announce that the first container load of Water$aver is being manufactured in Texas for shipment to India. This is the initial part of the US$ 1,000,000 order the Company announced in January 2002. Revenue will be realized early in 3rd quarter.

Patrick Grant, President of the Water$avr division, elaborates, “This shipment and those to follow will be sold to government and industrial users in India by our Indian distributor, Ideal Business Solutions. India is an excellent market for W$ because of the competition amongst agricultural, industrial and residential users for scarce water supplies.”

In related news, independent testing of W$ by Anna University of Chennai, India during March proved evaporation savings of 30% in hot dry conditions with moderate wind speeds. Anna University is an internationally recognized institute with decades of research experience in water and conservation.

Water$avr is an evaporative control powder that is self-spreading over the surface of reservoirs, canals and rivers.  By retaining available water, W$ provides more water at an applied cost as low as $.04 (.05 Euro) per cubic meter.

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