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WaterSavr heatsavr

WaterSavr Application Rates and Coverage



Application Amount: 1 Kg 10 grams
Coverage Area: 10,000 M2 100 M2




Application Amount: 1 lb. 1 oz.
Coverage Area : 43,560 ft2 6,000 ft2



  1. Under full sun conditions, biodegradation will occur in approximately 2.5 days.
  2. WaterSavr™ should be re-applied at 3 day intervals to ensure proper evaporation protection.



 Three methods of applying WaterSavr™, dependent upon coverage area:

 Hand Sifter, 1L

 WaterSavr™ Auto Spreader WSS-25

 JV225 Automatic


     Hand Sifter 1L
     WaterSavr Spreading Solution - Less than 2.5 Acres (1

siftersifter 2

Easy, inexpensive application by a single person is achieved with a household flour sifter

Directions for use:
• Weigh the correct amount of WaterSavr(WS) for the surface area of the water to be treated, place the WS in the sifter

and mark the level so that weighing is done only once. With careful weighing and labeling, a single sifter can

be used for many water bodies at a general site such as a farm or golf course.
• The correct amount is 1 pound per acre or 1 kilogram per hectare every 2 days.
• Application can also be done as ½ pound per acre or ½ kilogram per hectare daily.
• Sift the WS onto the water surface from the upwind side of the water storage only, being sure to apply some

of the powder at every point along the upwind edge where access is possible. If there is no wind, apply

at 3-5 points along the most accessible edge.

• Wear a dust mask and safety glasses.
• Wear gloves or wash with soap and water immediately
after applying.
• Ensure that the sifter and WS are returned to proper
storage and secured.

• Keep closed except when in use
• Keep dry and out of any direct sun
• Keep below 30 degrees Celsius or 80 Fahrenheit
• Secure product away from unauthorized personnel

Price: US$ 9.95 plus shipping and handling
Available from WaterSavr Global Solutions or local sources

Download WS_handsifter PDF here


WaterSavr™ Auto Spreader WSS-25 


Download brochure PDF WaterSavr™ WSS-25 Spreader Features


  • Designed specifically for use with the WaterSavr™  evaporation control product
  • Self-contained unit with solar panel, battery, timer, and flotation platform
  • Unattended dispensing operation for 7-21 days depending on configuration
  • One unit typically recommended for every 50 acres of water surface to be treated
  • Easy to Assemble – Easy to Operate




Dimensions:     40” x 40” x 40” Triangle
‐ Weight:             Approximately 125 Lbs. empty
‐ Height:              5 Feet

‐ Material:           UHM polyethylene, stainless
                             steel, Krylon coated PVC
                             powder coated aluminum
‐ Capacity:           25 Lbs. of WaterSavr™ material

‐ Dimensions:      Three – each 19” x 19” x 16”
‐ Material:            High density polyethylene

- Solar Panel:        Semi-flexible, 12 Watt, marine                                grade, fully weatherproof

- Battery:
                Leak-proof, fully rechargeable,
                               12 Volt, Gel Cell design

- Controls:
              7-day timer

- Enclosure:            Weather-proof, polycarbonate,  

                                NEMA 4, locking cover

- Warranty:            3 Years parts & labor

- Bird Deterrent, Beacon Light, and Anchor Lines



PURCHASE PRICE PER UNIT: $4,950 for single dispenser configuration

Please note: This spreader is manufactured by Control Concepts and can be purchased from us or directly from Control Concepts.

U.S. SPECIAL – TRY IT: $1,200 (Includes shipping both ways, 1st Month Rental,
100 Lbs. WaterSavr™ – additional months @ $500 each – all but $500 apply toward purchase.)
Due to continuing improvements, actual product may differ from explanation and photos.
Boat‐Mounted Spreader available for large bodies of water.

Please contact us to discuss your unique WaterSavr™ dispensing requirements.

    Control Concepts

    100 Park Street ∙ Putnam, CT 06260 ∙ 860‐928‐6551 



The JV-225
WaterSavr™ Spreading Larger than 50 Acres (20 Hectares)



                                                                                                 detail of pump

Multiple JV-225’s in flotilla can service surfaces to 100,000 acres/hectares and more.

Capacity: 500lbs (225kg) of WaterSavr™
Power Source: liquid fuel combustion engine
Crew Size: 2
Treatment area per hour: 150 acres (60 hectares)
Dispensing Time: 3 hours 20 minutes per 500lb (225kg) load

Directions for use:
• Secure the platform to a boat of sufficient size
• Mount the pump on the platform with the outlet clamped to the stern and just below water line when moving at application speed.
• Load the desired number of 50lb WS bags low but dry in the boat
• Position the crew with access to the WS bags, the intake wand and clear access to the pump controls.
• Proceed to designated start point
• Engage pump, insert wand into first WS bag and distribute as the steersman begins the designated application route.
• Disassemble and clean the venturi after every use

• Wear a dust mask and safety glasses.
• Wear gloves or wash with soap and water immediately after applying.
• Never dispense WaterSavr™into the wind or in front of the boat

• Keep closed except when in use
• Keep dry and out of any direct sun
• Keep below 30 degrees Celsius or 80 Fahrenheit
• Secure product away from unauthorized personnel

Price: US$2,950.00 plus shipping and handling
Available from: WaterSavr Global Solutions, Ph. +250 477 9969

Download JV-225 PDF here


Choosing the right applicator for WaterSavr


Flexible Solutions sells three different applicators for WaterSavr.

  • Flour sifter
  • WaterSavr™ Auto Spreader WSS-25
  • JV-225 (boat mounted, not automatic)


The final choice of applicator will depend on site-specific conditions, however, the basic logic for choosing one system over the others is a sound starting point.


The flour sifter is very inexpensive. It takes a single person less than 10 minutes to treat a hectare (2.5 acres). If the water body to be treated, is small and geographically close by, the sifter is the best choice as long as personnel is available, reliable and inexpensive. Examples include golf courses, housing developments and irrigation ponds close to the operations center of a farm. Poor choices for a sifter are water bodies larger than a hectare, further from regular operations than five minutes and high wage costs or low employee compliance.

The floating WSS-25 allows for automated, carefree dosing and efficient coverage of larger reservoirs 10 to 10,000 hectares (8-20+ hectares per unit).

The JV-225 is not automatic and it requires a boat and two-person crew. However, it compensates by the ability to treat very large areas in a short time and by its extraordinary simplicity. This is the only realistic choice for water surfaces larger than 100 hectares (250 acres) and should be considered for surfaces greater than 20 hectares if the water body is not remote and reasonably paid personnel is available. 

In conclusion, choose the right system by assessing surface size, remoteness, wages and price. Consult the WaterSavr™ sales team if you wish an opinion or recommendation.


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