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News Releases

2008 News Releases

13 Nov.08 FSI Announces Record Third Quarter and 9 Month Financial Results
7 Oct. 08 FSI Announces Third Quarter Revenues Significantly Above Expectations
11 Sep.08 Flexible Solutions Thanks Canadian Government Program for Financial Support.
14 Aug. 08 Flexible Solutions Announces Second Quarter, 2008 Financial Results
12 Aug.08 FSI Second Quarter, 2008 Financials Expectd– and conference call
15 Jul 08 FSI Announces Second Quarter Revenues Significantly Above Expectations
15 May 08 Flexible Solutions Announces First Quarter, 2008 Financial Results
8 April 2008 FSI Announces First Quarter Revenues Significantly Above Expectations
31 March 08 Flexible Solutions Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year, 2007 Financial Results
28  March 08 FSI Fourth Quarter and Full Year Financials Expected
21 Feb. 08 FSI Announces $1 Million, Zero Interest Financing
10 Jan.2008 FSI Closes Purchase of Land and Building in Alberta, Canada
And Wins Court Case - 100,000 Shares will be Cancelled

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