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news releases 2006

12 Dec. 06 $75,000 Watersavr Sale to Mining Industry
5 Dec. 06 FSI Announces Fourth Australian Watersavr Sale in This Quarter
14 Nov. 06 FSI Announces Q3 2006 Financial Results
10 Nov.06 FSI 3rd Quarter Results Expected
2 Nov.06 Watersavr Sales to Australian Farm and Wine Customers
1 Nov.06 Form 144 Filed in Error
26 Oct.06 FSI Announces Australian Municipality Orders Full Season Supply of Watersavr
10 Oct.06 FSI’S Third Quarter Revenue Up Significantly
6 Oct.06 FSI Revising Formulation of Its Granular Mosquito Control Product To Improve Short Shelf Life
24 Aug.06 FSI Announces Bowser Report Coverage
14 Aug.06 FSI Announces 2nd Quarter 2006 Financials
12 July 06 American Vanguard of California Begins Exclusive Evaluation of FSI’s Mosquito Larvicide
23 May 06 Drinking Water Trial in Australia saves 31% of Evaporation
15 May 06 FSI First Quarter 2006 Results
10 May 06 FSI First Quarter Financials Expected
20 Apr.06 Flexible Solutions Receives First Purchase Order for Mosquito Control Version of WaterSavr
4 Apr. 06 Flexible Solutions Awarded Contract to Reduce Evaporation on Libyan Reservoirs
23Mar.06 FSI Receives Approval for Mexico and Significant New Sales to North Sea Oil Customer
10Mar.2006 Flexible Solutions Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year Financials

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